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Unique handmade and crafted jewels.

All hand shaped with love.

I was born and raised in the biggest and busiest city of Brazil, Sao Paulo. After that I have happily lived in London, UK, then moved to an idyllic village in Switzerland, Morges. For the last 4 years we have been living in Yokohama, Japan, where big city and great nature share the same space!

Beauty has always fascinated me. Since my childhood I enjoyed creating, drawing, painting, crafting, writing. For many years I spent all my time in Academic studies, then I had kids and my time was theirs. When we moved to Japan, I had both time and the opportunity to work in a pottery studio, creating for the first time my own version of beauty.

My pieces are unique, all hand shaped, hand painted, all crafted with love. Even if I tried, I could never replicate exactly the same shape of a necklace or the same exact colour of earrings. And I love it! The kiln temperature, the air humidity, everything can affect your final result. I am still amazed to see how much variety you can create with clay and glazes.

Nature and zen culture are my main inspirations. Organic shapes, natural colours, my pottery jewellery is simple. Maybe this is where beauty resides.

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